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Project: Beachport Caravan Park Amenities Building
Client: Wattle Range Council
Location: Beachport, Limestone Coast, South Australia
Contract value: Total fitout and landscape - $450,000

Entrance sheltered from strong winds and rain for female and male. All down pipes have been concealed.

We were engaged in August 1999 to demolish an existing building and design, project manage and commission a large ablution block for 700 person continual usage. This included a backpackers/camp kitchen, large laundry and facilities for disabled and baby changing, outside hot water supply, rain water, storage upgrade and commission 60,000 litre septic tank and pumping system.
Services and supply hot water included 50 mm diameter water flow with 25 mm diameter hot water return. All branch lines were insulated and fixed to allow expansion and contraction. Electrical supply to all cavities were fixed every two metres. All steel columns located in cavities are heavily galvanised with two coats of epoxy before erection. Water proofing with heavy DPC to the full width entirely sealing from outside to outside the double-brick walls, one at above ground level and concrete level to one at three coarse high.
This project was a firm price, lump sum, time was the essence project which was completed in record time and handed over sixteen days prior to final date with no variations, construction period 12 weeks and 6 days.
At the opening the Wattle Range Council Mayor marvelled at the projects time line and quality of finishes.

The project provided:

  • Backpackers

  • New facilities for the disabled

  • Coin operated laundry

This project did not require any expenditure for maintenance for over 3 years, which is a proud achievement.

This building was awarded a citation from the SA Tourist Association as the most preferred design, which was then utilized around Australia


To eliminate blockages the sewerage system is designed with separate 100 mm diameter to each fixture then into 150 mm diameter main, all bends at maximum 45°
To assist with administration and maintenance, a one metre width services duct is provided.
The managers advise this is a very efficient system
http://BHPMweb/images/beachport4.jpgBrick construction, hold down rods are located in footings http://BHPMweb/images/beachport5.jpg
Electrical application and fixings to all cavities
http://BHPMweb/images/beachport6.jpgThe method we designed for low maintenance ceiling. Insulation roof construction all timber used received two coats of timber preservatives before going to site http://BHPMweb/images/beachport7.jpg
Full length solar reflecting sky light.
Return water for hot water services in duct


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