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Project: Entertaining deck and sails
Client: Private residence
Location: Robe, Limestone Coast, South Australia
Contract value: $60,000

Robe_Private Residence Entertaining area

The 40 mm diameter 316 stainless steel hand rail protrudes right through the 100 mm x 100 mm full length posts. The timber decking is affixed with stainless steel nails.
The four stainless steel cables are tensioned with stainless steel turn buckels.
The 40 mm diameter hand rail is fixed directly with a stainless steel pin at each post, which allows the tightness to be sustained and the whole balustrade as an integral unit.
The Stainless steel top hat is fixed and sealed with silicon depicting the jetty pylons.


http://BHPMweb/images/robe1.jpgExhibits the three large sails which protect the deck looking south http://BHPMweb/images/robe2.jpg
Looking north and the full height sliding doors entry to residence
The southern side of the deck looking north
From the north side looking across the deck, showing how we protected the adjoining trees/shrubs. This allows the bird life to
be out on the deck with our clients
http://BHPMweb/images/robe6.jpgThis photo displays the fire proof BBQ wall free standing, with the stainless steel BBQ and benches. This protects the residence from heat and creates an atrium on the residence http://BHPMweb/images/robe7.jpg
North east corner, this area allocated for a pot belly fire
This photo displays south east corner strainer cover post.

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