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Project: Cleaning in place (CIP) unit
Client: Southcorp Wines Pty Ltd
Location: Coonawarra, Limestone Coast, South Australia
Contract value: $275,000

Our client has asked that we do not photograph this unit.

This unit is capable of capturing and converting all unexpended heat from hot water systems and steam systems. It has the capability of storing 5,000 litres of hot water at 95°C. It can heat from 80°C to 95°C, 5000 litres in eleven minutes.
We incorporated for the first time a fibreglass holding insulated tank on the storage vessel.
The system allows our clients to draw down specific volumes of hot water at exact temperatures with cleaning agents then included for the sterilisation and cleaning of all stainless steel equipment and pipelines throughout the winery.
The system has a very short make-up time capacity requirement and is controlled by PLC. Our system can be heated in just eleven minutes from cold to hot water. The savings in time and costs has proven up the efficiency gains by reducing past operations by as much as 60%. Considerable savings in power/hot water generating has been achieved in excess of 40%. Converting into a dollar value upwards of $50,000 per annum, is a minimum assessment by Bruce Harris Project Management.

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