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Project: Building relocation
Client: Southcorp Wines Pty Ltd
Location: Coonawarra, Limestone Coast, South Australia
Contract value: $39,000
Southcorp Relocation

To relocate an existing building 2km away over undulating ground, over fences and through the vineyards, in just one day downtime. Provide for all terminations of services and connect to new systems to be provided.

We provided electrical, sewer, water, rain water, fire alarm, communications and computer services. The photos below show how we elevated the entire building up 1.9 metres to rise up over a fence and 1.2 metre high road edge.


http://BHPMweb/images/relocate2.jpgDisconnection of all services and jacking buildling up. http://BHPMweb/images/relocate3.jpg
Exactly locating the building on the prime mover.
http://BHPMweb/images/relocate4.jpgThe site very tight location 1.2m rise over road shoulder. http://BHPMweb/images/relocate5.jpg
Elevated the building over vineyeard.
In accessing the site, ETSA, Telstra, Council services and neighbours were all involved.

Elevating the building up and over a cyclone fence turning through 90° and road rising up 1 metre. This was a great example
of coordination at the work face.

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