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Project: Weighbridge upgrade facilities
Client: Southcorp Wines Pty Ltd
Location: Coonawarra, Limestone Coast, South Australia
Construction value: $225,000 + equipment cost.
Completed handover in 12 days


To install a Maselli Automatic Sampling Unit purchased from Italy.
To construct a new viewing platform at 2.1 metres high and a new office and laboratory for the new computerised sampling and recording equipment.
To provide all services including communications to the project.
We were instructed to proceed at the commencement of the grape picking season. It involved the location of a new weighbridge weight cells under the weighbridge coordinating thirteen different trades. The site worked eighteen hours per day for fourteen days. All integrated by Bruce Harris Project Management software official handover time line programme.
We took delivery from Italy 4.5 tonnes of new equipment in dismantled boxed state and we operated this unit on handover.
This new facility has been praised by the Australian agents as the best quality installed system in Australia and has been a boom to increasing efficiency at the winery. It has certainly made the employees input much more interesting and provides infinite weight recording and provides immediate read out of the entire quality of the product being received from the growers. Transport companies have al commended this project, the engineer Mr John Purchase was highly commendable in Bruce Harris Project Management's achievement.


http://BHPMweb/images/weighbridge2.jpgAdministration office. BHPM designed and constructed and handed over in 12 days. http://BHPMweb/images/weighbridge4.jpg
Maselli sampling unit extracting samples from delivered product to winery.
The Maselli sampling unit can be extended out 6 metres. Testing progress of the unit.

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