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Contact: Bruce A Harris

Mobile: 0401 106 010

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ABN: 63 007 918 603
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Project: Pipeline and pumping
Client: Wolf Blass winery
Location: Nurioopta, Barossa Valley, South Australia
Contract value: Completed including commissioning and all services $488,000

Final pumping chamber, bridge and rocks are for a froggery

We were engaged to design, project manage and commission from settlement pond No.1 transfer through pumping station and 6 km of pipeline to the Nurioopta Golf Club, 1 million cubic litres of recycled water per week.
This project was completed and commissioned ahead of time of critical path under budgeted expense.
Bruce Harris Project Management was awarded a citation from the Senior Management/Directors, quoting:
"Since Wolf Blass Winery incorporated in 1974, no company has performed as efficiently and cooperative together with not one complaint at the switchboard. Project went without one variation claim and with all approvals and commissioning well ahead of time. The project completed under budget, congratulations Bruce Harris Project Management Pty Ltd."


http://BHPMweb/images/wolfblass2.jpgFinal receiving pond. Base for filter/pump chamber http://BHPMweb/images/wolfblass3.jpg
The location & coordination with neighbours, land owners and farmers were attended to
http://BHPMweb/images/wolfblass4.jpgPre case pump chamber being delivered http://BHPMweb/images/wolfblass5.jpg
MDPE pipeline being joined/welded by QA ISO standards
Services bridge contains:
2 x 3 phase electrical supply
2 x control for submersable pumps
2 x 100mm dia. copper pump delivery lines into
150mm dia. copper main pipeline.
Operating pressure 600 kPa. Each pump can be operated seperately or dual operation.

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