Bruce Harris
Management Pty Lt


Contact: Bruce A Harris

Mobile: 0401 106 010

Fax: 08 8572 3237

ABN: 63 007 918 603
ACN: 007 918 603

Project: "Gateway at Findon"
Client: EPIC Group
Location: Findon, South Australia
Contract Value: $150 million

EPIC 2000 "The Gateway at Findon" Stage 3 Land release information now available here

Proposed exciting new 23 apartment 'affordable housing' development, Lot 48 forming part of the Ray Street Findon Sub Division. Architects impression below

Architects Impression - Proposed Lot 48 22 Apartments

Contracted by EPIC Group to complete their exciting 5 story complex at Ray Street Findon. Following this we rescheduled the entire project and coordinated a compliment of 100 contractors and suppliers to the final hand over and practical completion in mid September.

We have continued to be responsible for the entire site including attending to the remediation of the Findon dump, preparing the site and installing all services for Stages 1B and now Stage 2 - Total expenditure exceeding $10 million.

Findon3 Findon2 Findon

Findon development 11 Findon progress 8

Findon development 10 Findon progress2

Findon progress Findon progress 3 Findon progress 9

Findon progress4 Findon progress 5

Findon progress 6 Findon progress 7


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